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Sciatica, or sciatic nerve pain, can be a highly irritating and problematic condition that can severely limit a person’s ability to sit, walk, or run comfortably. The sciatic nerve provides motor and sensory innervation to the legs and can be affected in several places along the path of the nerve. Physical therapy is a great treatment option to reduce or eliminate sciatic nerve pain. Symptoms that are normally attributed to sciatica include pain, burning, numbness, or tingling that extends from the low back or buttock down the leg, often all the way to the foot. If you are experiencing these symptoms, it might be time to seek out physical therapy!

Common Causes of Sciatica

There are several possible causes for sciatica, but regardless of the cause, a physical therapist is able to help. Sometimes, the muscles of the hip become tight or deconditioned resulting in compression and irritation of the nerve. Most commonly, the piriformis muscle is to blame for this kind of compression. In other situations, symptoms similar to sciatic nerve compression can be caused by lumbar disc degeneration or facet joint stenosis. Sacroiliac joint problems can also present with similar symptoms. It is important to visit a physical therapist who will help determine the specific cause of your problems and will design a treatment plan to address those issues. 

How to Reduce Symptoms of Sciatica

If your physical therapist concludes that the cause of your pain is a tight muscle compressing the nerve, they will most likely prescribe stretches, nerve glides, and manual therapy to help reduce the tension. Stretching out tight hip muscles is important to stop the compression of the nerve and reduce the uncomfortable sensations that come with sciatica nerve pain. Nerve glides are also a good option to improve the mobility of the nerve, which allows it to glide easily through muscle and fascia as you walk and run. Soft tissue massage can also help reduce pain by stimulating tissue healing and reducing inflammation. 

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If the symptoms listed above sound familiar and you are tired of struggling with your sciatic nerve pain, visit a BreakThrough location to get started with a physical therapist! BreakThrough serves Raleigh-Durham, Fayetteville, and the surrounding North Carolina Cities, and our therapists can’t wait to help! With a wide variety of specialties and a commitment to high quality service, we can promise you will not be disappointed.

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Working with Pierce and the team at Breakthrough Sports Performance has been a major help to our at Athletes at Liberty Soccer Academy. Their knowledge and professionalism is top class.

five stars Andrew Bradham

BreakThrough Sports Performance has been a tremendous help in the development of the ACS U13 Girls Volleyball team. Just a few short weeks of training you can clearly see the positive impact it has had on their bodies and their approach to the importance of training!

five stars Scott Shepard

Coach Pierce has been a great asset to our program. His understanding of building the athlete from a fundamental level is of huge benefit to our athletes. Every athlete feels like they are getting the most out of each training session to improve their individual events.

five stars Lorin Collins

My experience at BreakThrough Sports Performance has been amazing. I’ve been seeing the guys at BreakThrough for 3 years now and feel so much stronger and more mobile swinging the golf club. BreakThrough Sports Performance is different. The trainers will educate you with things you wouldn’t hear anywhere else, like… the importance of your airway…

five stars Jackson Bode

Training at BreakThrough Sports Performance helps me feel my best. Before I started with BreakThrough there were days where I physically felt that I couldn’t perform the way I needed to. Since training at BreakThrough I feel more prepared to tolerate a high volume of tournaments that I couldn’t do before. I injured my back…

five stars Jackson Von Paris

I started working with Breakthrough Sports Performance to help with my back. I was unable to play two rounds in a row but after participating in the golf fitness class I can now play as often as I can without pain. The simple process of a physical assessment, swing assessment and KVest evaluation narrowed down…

five stars Brian

I discovered Breakthrough Sports Performance due to an ankle injury. They were able to see within the first 24 hours which greatly improved my recovery time. They provided me with the right physical therapy and treatment needed to get me back on the court faster. Because of the knowledgeable coaches/trainers, and the excellent facilities, I…

five stars Karsen Corbett

Thank you so much! I love you guys and the care I received!

five stars Zoe BreakThrough PT Patient

We rate BreakThrough Physical Therapy a 10; we are extremely happy! After having received excellent PT in the past, we had no doubt this was the only place we would trust with our son’s recovery. The warm, welcoming environment makes it a comfortable place to receive therapy. This puts him at ease allowing for the…

five stars Mary Y. BreakThrough PT Patient

After just 4 visits…I feel like a brand new person. Before, I could barely walk for 15 minutes without my back screaming in pain. Now I’m zooming through therapy and going on walks at home.

five stars Christy F. BreakThrough PT Patient

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