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See how BreakThrough is helping others like you get results that matter.

Whether your challenge is in orthopaedics, pelvic health, or chronic pain, or you’re ready to improve your game through sports performance; BreakThrough is here to help.

With or without a referral, let us connect you with a dedicated physical therapist who will listen to your story, create a personalized treatment plan, and give expert guidance and encouragement along the way.

Our top-notch physical therapists are pioneers in PT technology and are committed to learning the latest in care so we can help you transform your body as efficiently and effectively as possible.

See how BreakThrough has helped others achieve their goals–and get ready to be our next success story.

Amy: Auto Accident Aftermath

Liz: Chronic Back Pain

Samantha: Sports Injury Recovery

Gary: Knee Pain Nightmare

Don’t suffer in silence.

If you’re feeling disheartened that nothing has worked—or confused about how physical therapy might help—don’t fret. We’d be happy to speak to you about how physical therapy at BreakThrough PT can make a big difference in your life... and in your pain levels.